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The Gaffer: There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

This EP feels fully, whole heartedly, & unapologetically optimistic. 
The Gaffer’s lyrics seem to be (amazingly) both tongue-in-cheek and sincere at the same time.  I hear elements of blur, biffy clyro, weezer… but I also hear melodic nods to great vocalists like Madonna and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Trying to pick my favourite track was difficult; every track felt like my favourite track whilst I was listening to it.  BUT I’m going to settle on “Nothing Will Be The Same”. I know that song title may appear pessimistic but it doesn’t feel that way, it feels like a song that is acknowledging change and accepting it – it’s great.

I think this EP would go well with a couple of craft beers from your local off-license in the middle of a field on a warm, overcast day… it’s playing on your friend’s speaker. Your friend says “Hey, who fancies a game of rounders?” And yeah, of course you do! So you’re playing rounders with a bunch of your friends, this EP is playing in the distance but you can hear it… one of your other friends is sitting watching you play and watching all your stuff too don’t worry about that. And sure, you’re not winning the game but it doesn’t matter. It’s not about the game anyway, it’s about the quality company… and more importantly, it’s about the quality music.

I think The Gaffer would be a great support for a band like Vegan Leather, particularly as he’s starting out! Also think he would go well with bands like Spylaw too.

Dialogue’s The Undercurrent Podcast: The Gaffer


A blend of well thought, electronic-pop with somewhat tender orchestral elements. 

I’m inclined to say this album is for fans of CHVRCHES… but that feels too broad. There are moments were this album feels Anna Meredith-ian in style, there are times where elements of Hiatus Kaiyote resonate through the tracks… it’s great.

There’s another act in Edinburgh called LUNIR, I reckon they and Pinlight would make a stellar joint headline show.

This album would go well with a chilled glass of champagne, strawberries, and a warm day on a quiet beach.

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