PAYG Music Streaming

Music streaming could exist like a top up pay as you go phone.
You pay £10 into your account, and then small payments are taken away as you stream.
The listener should have the option to pay for songs/albums for a larger one off fee
which in turn stops any more payments for streaming that specific song/album
– it is now yours to listen to freely.

Perhaps… as you stream the music, the micropayments you make subtract from the larger one off fee for the song/album. Thus, in a way, the listener is investing in that music.
The more music the listener buys, the less they have to pay for streaming.
They only pay for streaming when they want to.

The listener in the long run benefits – gaining a collection of music they can listen to freely, without having to continually pay for it.

The artist benefits as their music is on a platform that incentivises fair payment.

I like to think it’d be 10p per stream.
It’s funny to me how that feels frivolous.

Here’s another idea – say you do pay 10p per stream.
If the price for a song is £1… and you listen to that song 10 times.
Perhaps you’ve now paid for the song – it’s yours now to listen to freely.
You no longer pay for streaming that song!

Now there’s a song in your library that you can just listen to without paying a streaming fee.
The more you use this system – the more music you collect in that fashion.
So in the long run – most of the music you listen to doesn’t cost a thing.
Or more you’ve already paid for it –
you don’t have to pay £9.99 a month to keep listening to the music you own.

You can keep paying to stream music you don’t own yet
but now you’re not just passively listening to whatever – you actively seek music out that you want to listen to. The music now has value.

I need to think about this more – but this is the kind of system I’d like to see.

Quick Ramble

Post Thought – If the streaming service itself needed funding to operate… maybe a fraction of a penny goes to the streaming service per stream! So that tiny, tiny, tiny payment goes to the service… which then accumulates as more people use it. I don’t know if that’s even necessary but it’s an idea – the value of this system is not to benefit the system, or a third party, but to benefit those who operate within the system – the artists, the listeners.

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