Passing thoughts on spotify

I think I’d rather people illegally download my music than pay spotify to give me a fraction of a fraction of a penny to listen to it on spotify. Would you rather be robbed of your music and never notice or be giving a microscopic jigsaw piece of a penny for it?

Why pay spotify around £10 to have access to “all” music when you could pay the artist £10 directly per month for their music… or pay 20 artists 50p each per month… or pay 100 artist 10p each. That kind of system could potentially save the industry. How great would it be if the money you paid into spotify was actually evenly divided between the artists you listened to (and of course a cut for spotify or another streaming service).

You don’t even have access to all music – you have access to a lot – but not all…
De La Soul’s album “De La Soul is Dead” isn’t on spotify for example (not as I type this at least). A great album – first one that came to mind.

Spotify pays ~18 million quid to Meg and Harry to make a podcast… I mean…
Maybe I’m being naive but… I think spotify could afford to pay artist’s more and, in the long run, I think that’d help them thrive. But even then, I don’t think the system they have right now works – not in favour of the artists (or customers (users?)) for that matter.

I wish that I could pay the artist’s fairly via streaming
and I wish that I could be paid fairly via streaming.
I appreciate the support I’ve had from people listening to my music on these platforms, genuinely. But the support is purely moral – and that can only go so far.

Folk that say “I’m not in it for the money” need to value themselves more, ’cause you’re worth more than you think.

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